Guiding Principles and Mission

Guiding Principles

  • Provide physicians with strong governance and leadership roles; AHN will be physician-led and physician-governed.
  • Build on the capabilities of existing providers to improve the overall health of the patient populations AHN serves.
  • Involve and support a strong network of excellent primary-care clinicians.
  • Capitalize on the existing strengths and cost efficiency of AHN providers to be attractive to payers, employers and patients based on cost, quality and other key variables.
  • Use a flexible vehicle to align physicians in independent community practices and those in hospital-affiliated practices.
  • Provide participating physicians with network ownership opportunities.
  • Partner with other physician practices, hospitals and networks locally and across Arkansas to meet payer needs.
  • Remain flexible to adapt to changes occurring in the market and health care reform.


As a ministry of CommonSpirit Health, Arkansas Health Network is a part of a community of healers and leaders across Arkansas committed to driving meaningful, measurable improvement in quality, health, and financial sustainability for our patient and provider community in Arkansas through excellence in value-based care.

We achieve this through our comprehensive model of care built upon three foundational pillars:

  • Multidisciplinary Care Management
  • Robust Provider Network
  • Proactive Data and Analytics