About AR NetPartners™

A Better Solution for Better Health

AR NetPartners™, a partnership of three leading Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) in Arkansas, serves employers, employees and their families by providing a better healthcare experience for your organization, better value and better health through proactive engagement.

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Founding Partners

AR NetPartners combines the resources, analytics and expertise of over 4,300 providers, 27 hospitals, and 25 skilled nursing facilities from three Clinically Integrated Networks – Arkansas Health Network, Arkansas Children’s Care Network and NextHealth. Together, we ensure employees and their entire family have access to the best physicians across our state.

Arkansas Health Network (AHN) is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) that builds on the strength of participating providers to improve patient health, increase efficiency and enable physicians to succeed in today’s changing health care payment and delivery environments. Since 2013 AHN has proven itself to be the most successful and innovative CIN in the state with over $58 million in savings through a variety of value care initiatives. Learn More

Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN) is the nation’s first statewide pediatric CIN to help measurably elevate the quality of health care for kids in Arkansas. Being connected through ACCN means better and timelier care, the best care close to home when possible, and better health for Arkansas’ children at lower costs. Learn More

NextHealth Integrated Network (NH) is a joint venture of the Washington Regional and Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas. Established in 2015 and serving Northwest Arkansas, NextHealth has served over 40,000 patients across multiple value-based agreements including Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield (ABCBS), Medicare ACO (MSSP), Medicare Advantage, employer-sponsored health plans and the Arkansas Medicaid PASSE programs.

Available Services


  • Staff/On-Site/Near-Site Clinics
  • On-Site Pharmacy
  • Occupational Health
  • Worker’s Comp Clinical Services
  • Physical Therapy

Medical Spend Management

  • Direct Contracting
  • Episodes of Care
  • Disease Management
  • Total Spend Management
  • Provider Network Access


  • Biometric Screenings
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Wellbeing Portal
  • Wellbeing / Lifestyle Coaching
  • Executive Health


  • Benefits Design
  • Insurance Comparison / Selection
  • Management Training/ Incentives
  • Health Education Services


AR NetPartners combines over 4,300 primary care providers and specialists, 27 hospitals, and 25 skilled nursing facilities covering the entire state. We serve patients across the age and care continuum to ensure you receive the right services to meet the right outcomes. An updated list of providers can be found below.

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