Attestation for Arkansas Health Network Participant Training

Attestation for Arkansas Health Network Participant Training

The Arkansas Health Network (AHN) mandates that each participating physician and allied health care provider (Participants) of this Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) receive specific training. The attached and required training materials will help you as a CIN Participant:

  • Understand the legal obligations to the CIN operations and performance
  • Understand the CIN requirements for Physicians and Allied Health Providers to participate in the network and the manner in which the CIN is implementing such requirements; and
  • How to identify and report potential compliance risks.

I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the Provider Training material, which includes compliance training, for Arkansas Health Network.

I certify that I will comply with the CIN compliance training and participation requirements, and any other standards or policies set by the organization, throughout my association with Arkansas Health Network. 

I attest it is my responsibility to identify and disclose any compliance concerns that would impact my job now and in the future. I recognize it is my responsibility to report any compliance risks via the organization’s report system or report the conflict directly to the CIN Compliance Official.