AHN Connect

In an effort to provide our physician partners with relevant information, resources and to streamline communication with our over 3,400 participating clinicians – Arkansas Health Network is placing all required documentation in the “Providers Only” section of the AHN Connect app.

What this means for you:

  • Access to helpful resources like evidence-based guidelines, pharmacy information and updates on quality-based care in Arkansas.
  • Ability to search other facilities, clinicians and specialists in the network.
  • All required AHN forms and training materials will be available via the Providers Only section of our application.

Why is AHN requiring providers to access this app?

  • You are part of a growing network of dedicated professionals that are busy! Using notifications and forms via the app allows you to access important information quickly and reduces the number of emails/calls your office will receive. Our goal is to maximize your time commitments to your practice.

How do I access the app?

  • You can either search “AHN Connect” in App Store or Google Play store and then download the app directly onto your mobile device.
  • OR, you can access the app via your laptop/desktop through the following link: https://app.arkansashealthnetwork.com.